Why do I do what I do?


Why do I do what I do?
Why do I take pictures of animals and why do I edit them in my painterly, artsy style?

I thought about it quite intense and for a rather long time. And to be honest……I have no idea….
Hahaha, ok, you’re right, I am partially just kidding.

What’s for sure is, that I really don’t have a 100 % correct answer to this questions. But I have some thoughts and feelings about it that I would like to share with you.

Life is a journey. With a beginning and with an ending.
The journey within? Is unpredictable!
We have dreams, we have plans, we have goals, but where the path leads us is actually not a 100% in our hands.

We grow up seeing other people, what they are doing, what they are thinking, how they are acting. And we learn from them. THE most important people, that influence our beeing in the first few years are our parents. My childhood for example was „shaped“ by hikes that we went on almost every weekend. I fell in love with nature from my youngest ages. My mother always had a camera with her. She took a hundreds of pictures on every hike. But not only during hikes – also at every birthday party, on every christmas night, at every other family event..

I don’t know if I specifically whished for it but when I was 10 I got my first own camera as a christmas present. I guess the moment I unpacked my present and held the camera in my tiny hands was the moment I passionately fell in love with photography.  

Photography lets me live exactly in this moment – in the now – without any distraction by thoughts or problems.
Photography lets me see the world with different eyes – often lets me notice beautiful little details that I would never have seen otherwise.
Because of Photography I met new people. Valuable people who have opened up new perspectives for me, which let me learn new things.

In summary: Photography brings me an extreme amount of joy awarness and statisfaction.

But why animals? Oh – that’s an easy one to tell. Just because I was always drawn to animals – whether they were pets or wild animals. I my whole life felt more connection to animals than to humans. 

And now to the part where I have the least answers. Why am I in love with painterly photography. Why this kind of art – rather than taking normal every-day-life-pictures of animals?  

Wouldn’t it be obviously much easier to be „mainstream“ and satisfy customers with pictures you see all around the corner. Definitley it would. And people – the last years – indeed where very happy for the everlasting memories I created of their pets with my camera.

But does it satisfy my soul? My heart? No – it definitely doesn’t.
And this for sure is my reason for bringing my pics up to a „next“ level. More kind of art than a photo.

Yes, it takes a lot more time and effort to create such a piece, but for me it’s worth every second I spend with it. I love playing with colours, with textures. I love trying out new things – also with printing materials/surfaces.

Editing for me is a journey – from the beginning of the editing until the end. And the journey within? Unpredictable

Just like life is

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